How Long Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

January 20, 2023
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Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is a common surgical procedure. If you’re considering this surgery and have questions, such as how long this plastic surgery procedure takes to complete, you’ll find the answer to this and other questions below.

How Long Does a Breast Augmentation Take?

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The breast augmentation surgery itself takes between one and two hours. However, there are other factors that contribute to the total time you will have to spend at the surgery location, as well as in your recovery. We’ll go into more detail below.

What Steps Are Required to Complete Breast Implant Surgery?

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After choosing the size and type of breast implant, you and your surgeon will discuss where the incisions will be made. There are three options for this: periareolar (around the nipple), transaxillary (in the armpit), and inframammary (underneath the breast).

The decision made will depend on your anatomy and preference, the size and type of implant, and your surgeon’s opinion on the best location.


After you’ve chosen your implants and incision location, the surgery will begin. Your surgeon will make the incisions at the agreed-upon locations. They will insert your implants into a pocket, which will either be submuscular (under the chest muscle) or submammary (behind the breast, but on top of the chest muscle).

Following implant placement, your surgeon will close the incisions with stitches. Other means of closure, such as surgical tape and skin adhesive, may also be used to bind the skin. Gauze bandaging will also be placed around your breasts.

You will then be transported to a recovery room. Because you’ll likely start to feel pain at this point, you will be given or may request painkillers.

Factors That Contribute to the Time Required for the Breast Augmentation Procedure

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In addition to the time the surgical procedure takes, other factors contribute to the required time. For example, if there are any complications during surgery, the breast implant surgeon will need more time to address them.

The total time required for this will vary because you will be in pain and may be experiencing confusion, blurry vision, and sleepiness. This can all add two hours or more to the time you’ll have to remain.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

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You will need to take time off from work in order to recover from breast augmentation surgery. Typically, a few to several days is ideal. If your work involves intense or weight-bearing activities, you will have to avoid these activities for approximately six weeks after surgery has been completed.

In addition to taking time off work and refraining from certain activities, you will need to optimize your healing. A post-surgical bra must be worn 24 hours a day for up to five weeks to eliminate swelling and offer compression.

You will receive instructions for breast and incision care, as well as any pain medication you may have been prescribed. These instructions should be followed throughout your recovery.

You may have also been provided with advice regarding exercises you can do to relieve discomfort or pain, and you should be engaging in these until you feel better.

Taking time off, wearing suggested garments, following instructions for incision care and medication, and doing recommended exercises will all help to speed your healing process and ensure your full recovery from breast augmentation surgery.

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silicone breast impalnts

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