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FUE Hair Transplants to Look and Feel Your Best

A FUE hair transplant, known as Follicular Unit Extraction, is a minimally invasive outpatient method to restore your hair. We use follicular unit grafts individually removed from a stronger area of your scalp and repurpose them into the thinning areas. The cosmetic surgeons at Aesthetic Surgery Institute have years of experience and are highly skilled at naturally grafting hair follicles. The placement process restores your hairline to display permanent and natural-looking results. You won’t have any scars, stitches, or other marks where we performed the procedure. Plus, the donor area will naturally heal in only a few days. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.
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The FUE Process

At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we’re adept at carrying out this outpatient operation. We start by using an instrument to remove individual follicles from your scalp. The device makes a circular incision around the hair to secure a tiny graft. We then extract that graft and prepare to replace it in the proper area of your scalp. We use high-powered stereo microscopes to isolate and procure the follicular grafts, arranging them into specific groups that will generate the best possible outcome. This guarantees natural-looking results when we place them in the thinner area of your hairline. When the grafts are ready, we make minuscule incisions on the receiving area to match your natural hairline pattern. We then individually place the grafts to create a new, full hairline. At this point, this is where our expertise, artistry, and knowledge come into play.
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Benefits of FUE Hair Transplants

Along with being a quick and reliable process, there are many benefits of FUE hair transplants. We will work with you one-on-one to learn more about your goals and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. Contact us today or call 713-892-5476 to schedule your hair transplant in Houston.
They include:
  • Permanent, natural-looking results
  • No scars or stitches from the donor area
  • Straightforward outpatient procedure
  • Quick recovery time
  • No scars or stitches from the donor area
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Recovery and Natural Hair Growth

Your incisions will heal naturally in a couple of days. About three months after the procedure, you will begin to notice the new hair growth. At the six-month period, there should be significant growth, restoring your hairline and growing as normal. Get started today on restoring your hairline naturally by calling us to schedule a consultation. Our experts will help you establish the best way to create a satisfying, natural-looking hair regrowth plan.

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