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Dermal and lip fillers are designed to dissolve naturally over time; however, there may be times when the results are not what was expected, and waiting for those temporary changes to disappear is not an appealing option. A double board certified cosmetic surgeon may be the best lip dissolve doctor to reverse the procedure.

There are lip filler removal treatments available in our Houston office that can dramatically speed up the time it takes for fillers to dissolve. Certainly, if you have had issues from not choosing a qualified injector the first time, you will want a specialist you can trust to help.

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How Does Lip Filler Removal Work?

The most common brands of lip fillers used typically offer a natural-looking result and last about 6-12 months before dissolving naturally. Their active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which can be broken down by the enzyme hyaluronidase.

When over-filling occurs and the lips become fuller than was desired, lip dissolve injections use hyaluronidase to counteract the effects of the hyaluronic acid. Used in the right proportions, lip dissolve hyaluronidase does not affect natural tissues but breaks down the injected dermal filler gel much faster than normal.

How Fast Does the Filler Removal Procedure Show Results?

When weighing the pros and cons of a lip dissolve treatment, it may help you to know that a study showed that 80% of the filler gel had dissolved within 4-7 days after a lip dissolve procedure, while untreated individuals still had 90% of their filler after the same length of time. In regard to dissolving lip filler risks, no negative side effects were found.

What to Expect During a Lip Filler Removal Treatment in Houston

This outpatient procedure involves only minimal discomfort and shows results within a day or two. Expect the following:
  • This procedure may not be recommended if you have a history of being allergic to bee stings.
  • Your face will be cleaned, and your cosmetic surgeon will determine how much hyaluronidase to use and exactly where to inject it.
  • Lidocaine may be used to numb the areas where lip dissolve injections are needed.
  • There may be bruising at the injection sites, which will fade after a few days.
  • Treatment may be targeted at dissolving lip filler lumps, or top lip and bottom lip dissolves.
  • Follow-up treatments may be needed to even out results, to restore, or partially dissolve lip filler in certain areas.

Financing Your Lip Dissolve Procedure Is Easy

The cost of dissolving lip fillers shouldn’t stand in the way of restoring your natural appearance and having the results you were looking for in the first place. We offer medical financing to our qualified clients to cover all of our procedures and related expenses.

Trust Your Results to Us

At the Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we offer lip filler removal by a double board certified cosmetic surgeon right here in Houston. Our clients come to us from all over the Lone Star State of Texas for expert care and customized results that meet and exceed their expectations. Contact us or call today at 713-892-5476 for a free consultation.
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