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Have you or loved ones around you noticed your eyebrows thinning lately? There are many reasons outside of age that can lead to you losing eyebrow hair. The team at Aesthetic Surgery Institute has helped residents in Houston, TX for over 15 years. We assist in finding the best way to ensure you walk out of our doors feeling more comfortable and confident in your appearance. Once you are ready to seek help for your thinning or lost eyebrows, give the Aesthetic Surgery Institute a call and schedule your free evaluation. Our trained teams will help you make the best decision possible to feel your best in no time.
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Stop Over-Plucking Your Eyebrows

While there are many reasons you could be losing your eyebrows, such as age, medical conditions, or you naturally have thinned eyebrows, over-plucking is the most common cause. Trying to tame your eyebrows or shape them to your liking with waxing and threading are the better methods to use. Once you have plucked out the eyebrow hair, you can pull out the root and prevent it from growing back. Our team at Aesthetic Surgery Institute can help get them back with eyebrow restoration services such as hair transplants.
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Post-Eyebrow Restoration Care

Once we complete your eyebrow restoration services, there are specific steps you will need to take to ensure you stay safe and your eyebrows grow appropriately. Each patient is treated on an individual basis, and your recovery methods can look different from others. There may be swelling around the eyes for three to five days, and your eyebrows will look a bit darker than normal for the first week of recovery. You also should not wash your eyebrows for the first 24 hours. An ACE wrap at night is highly suggested to help protect the eyebrows as they prepare to grow in. If you have any issues or questions post eyebrow restoration, please let us know to get you the proper answers necessary for a healthy recovery.

Trust the Skilled Hands of Aesthetic Surgery Institute

The trustworthy hands at Aesthetic Surgery Institute can help you regain your lost eyebrows with therapeutic services. Our team has been through all the necessary training to achieve their medical titles and continuously attends seminars to stay up-to-date in their field. In your free evaluation, we will discuss the shape and thickness you are looking to achieve.
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