Clitoral Hood Reduction in Houston

What Is a Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Many women are curious about this procedure, which is used to improve comfort in clothing and sensual enjoyment by removing excess skin tissue around the clitoris. Some women have a long clitoral hood which interferes with the normal form and function of their clitoris. With a clitoral hood reduction, your cosmetic surgeon will remove just the excess skin of the clitoral hood to improve comfort, appearance, and sensation.
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Are You a Good Candidate for a Clitoral Hood Reduction?

This procedure can also be part of a vaginal rejuvenation and is recommended for women who:

  • Are in good health
  • Are at a healthy and stable weight
  • Are nonsmokers
  • Have no conditions that are contraindications to cosmetic surgery
  • Have realistic expectations

At your initial consultation, our team of specialists will discuss these factors, and gain a good understanding of your goals and concerns. We will advise you on whether this procedure is a good fit for you, and make sure you understand every step of the process, including answering questions like how much a clitoral reduction costs and how long will it take for you to recover.

What Are the Benefits of a Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Also known as a hoodectomy, this procedure helps reduce the discomfort and lack of sensation caused by having a clitoral hood that is longer or thicker than normal. The clitoris is the most sensitive spot on the female body, and its purpose is to increase sexual pleasure.
After a Clitoral Hood Reduction in Houston, Our Patients Report These Benefits:
  • Improved appearance of the vulva area
  • Smoother appearance under clothing
  • Less discomfort from tight clothes or during intercourse
  • Increased sexual stimulation and sensation
  • Improved ability to achieve orgasm
  • Greater self-confidence and emotional benefits
  • Deepening relationship with their partner
What to Expect

The Clitoral Hood Reduction Procedure

You will learn all the details of your own procedure, and how it might be part of a mommy makeover or other vaginal rejuvenation procedure, during your initial consultations with Dr. Do and our team. In general, you should expect the following with a clitoral hood reduction surgery:

  • This is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia or light sedation, so plan for a safe ride home
  • The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete but is often included with other procedures like a labiaplasty to reduce the size of the labia
  • You will be asleep during the procedure, where the skin around the clitoris will be delicately trimmed to the right size and shape
  • When you are fully awake, comfortable, and able to urinate, you will be able to return home

Frequently Asked Questions

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At the Aesthetic Surgery Institute, your clitoral hood reduction will be performed by our double board certified surgeon, Dr. Do. With experience performing over 10,000 cosmetic procedures in Houston, including vaginal tightening and reshaping procedures, you can trust us with this delicate but life-enhancing surgery.

We know that the subject can be uncomfortable to discuss, but for your first consultation, you will meet with a highly trained female Patient Care Coordinator to answer all your questions and help you feel fully informed and comfortable with your decision. You can review clitoral hood reduction before-and-after images in complete privacy and with no obligation to move forward.

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Choosing to improve your confidence, appearance, and personal pleasure with a clitoral hood reduction is an empowering choice that we fully support. Choose Dr. Do’s compassionate team and don’t wait to get started. Schedule your consultation today and learn more about how this procedure can transform the way you feel about physical intimacy.
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