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For over 15 years, Houston residents have come to Aesthetic Surgery Institute when they need assistance with non-surgical hair loss treatments. We understand that sometimes you need options that do not involve sedatives or weeks of recovery periods. There are plenty of options out there, and we have access to each of them. When you are ready to put away the ball caps and enjoy your hair again, give us a call. We will schedule you for a free evaluation to discuss your needs and wants from the non-surgical hair loss treatment options to discover the best choice for your circumstances.
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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Services From ASI

For years, the professionals at Aesthetic Surgery Institute have studied all the potential solutions when you begin to lose your hair. Whether you find hair transplants too expensive or the idea of surgery seems too risky or dangerous, allow us to help you by providing non-surgical hair loss treatments to get great success and a full head of hair again. The following are some of the options we can offer you:

  • Medication
  • Low-Level Laser Treatment
  • Microneedling
  • Scalp Tension Reduction Device
  • Change in Diet
Things to Consider

Why Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments?

There are plenty of reasons to consider non-surgical hair loss treatments over surgical options. Even if you are the perfect candidate for hair transplantation (the most common form of surgical hair treatment), there are many side effects such as hemorrhaging, numbness, itching, and scarring. As well, there is no guarantee you will see long-term results as it is not a cure for baldness. There is no instant success and it can take months for any hair to grow, if any at all. For these reasons and more, we provide our Houston, TX patients with non-surgical hair loss treatments to help meet their needs, no matter the reasoning.

Aesthetic Surgery Institute Works to Cure Your Hair Loss

Another reason to choose non-surgical hair loss treatments is the ability to get to the root of the problem. Surgical options simply try to get the new growth in but do not solve the cause of hair loss issues. Aesthetic Surgery Institute works with you from your free evaluation until we start to see real progress from your treatment plan. Our team has studied all the latest methods to provide you with a satisfying experience with positive results.

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