Everything You Need to Know About Male Breast Reduction Surgery

March 28, 2018
man explaining his problem to consultant

You might think of breast reduction surgery as only being for women who want to have smaller breasts, but breast reduction surgery is also available for men. The condition of gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, is actually quite common with about half the men in the United State experiencing some degree of it during their lifetime.

Male breast reduction surgery is becoming increasingly common and removes excess fat as well as glandular tissue. The procedure can restore a firmer, flatter, and more masculine contour to the chest. The procedure is safe and is available for men of all ages from teenagers to older adults.

Losing weight alone may help reduce the appearance of male breasts, but often it won’t take care of the whole problem because there is still excess glandular tissue which can cause even very lean patients to have enlarged breasts. Male breast reduction surgery provides long-lasting, often permanent, results that can increase your confidence to go shirtless in public.

Male breast reduction surgery can provide nearly immediate results with minimal scarring. If you feel like the procedure may be right for you, consult with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Gynecomastia patients are often treated using liposuction. The procedure involves a small incision on each side of your chest and removes excess fat and possibly glandular tissue.

In other instances, surgical tissue excision may be needed to achieve optimal results. This approach is more common for those with stretched or sagging skin around the breasts. No matter which procedure you undergo for male breast reduction, you will notice an improvement in the appearance and shape of your chest.

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