How to Recognize the Signs of Skin Aging

January 31, 2018
women smiling

As you age it’s only natural for parts of your body to age, and unfortunately, that includes your skin. The first signs of aging on the surface of the skin start somewhere around 25 years old. At first, it’s fine lines, but over time you’ll start to develop other signs like wrinkles and the loss of volume and elasticity.

Your skin will naturally age, but there are also factors that help speed up or slow down the aging of your skin. Skincare and a holistic lifestyle can help make your skin look good for much longer, but not taking care of your skin or exposing it to too much sun can lead to premature skin aging.


Fine lines and wrinkles start to form beginning at about age 25. They are easy to spot and can appear on different areas of your face. Fine lines are most noticeable at the outer corners of your eyes and are commonly referred to as crow’s feet or laughter lines. Facial expressions like frowning can lead to wrinkles on the forehead or between the brows. Other wrinkles can form between your nose and mouth.

Loss of Volume and Density

A loss of volume can account for several signs of aging such as saggy skin, turkey neck, loss of contours, and more. It can start to change the look of your face even though the transformation is difficult to pinpoint. This can cause your face to have a sad, negative, or stressed look.

Others may incorrectly perceive you as being in a bad mood due to a loss of volume in your skin. Starting at around the age of 50, skin starts to lose elasticity as well as firmness and deeper wrinkles begin to form. Skin also becomes drier and loses the radiance associated with youthful skin.

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