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Brow Lift
Surgery In Houston

Often, the eyes and the forehead area show early signs of aging, which includes wrinkles, frown lines or heaviness of the eyebrows. Few people even have deep lines or “worry lines” on their forehead, which sometimes portray unintended emotions.

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Endoscopic brow lift in India Brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a popular surgery procedure that elevates the drooping eyebrows, removes the lines showing unintended emotions and gives the face a youthful and fresh appearance. The procedure targets loose skin and wrinkles on the forehead and thus also referred to as the upper face lift. The brow lift cosmetic plastic surgery takes around three to four hours.

A brow lift is performed by making an incision above the ears at the top of scalp hidden in the hairs or in an inconspicuous area if the hairline is receding or hair loss is an issue with the patient. The cosmetic surgeon then removes, alters and re- drapes the skin after the removal of underlying extra fat and muscles. This results in giving a smooth forehead and elevated eyebrows. The eyes as a result also appear more open and awake. The approach for the endoscopic brow lift includes making 4-5 incisions in the hairline and altering and re-draping the skin of the forehead to remove the wrinkles and lines on the forehead.

If your eyebrows are such that they portray emotions which you do not intend, are straight or low and make you look older than your age and you are physically and emotionally stable and have realistic expectations, you are a good candidate for the brow lift surgery.

You can resume routine activities in about a week to ten days after the procedure. Avoid strenuous work and activities for at least five to six weeks following Brow lift.

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Brow lift surgery will give your face a renewed and fresh look. You will look younger and relaxed. The newly acquired arch of the eyebrows on your smooth forehead will give you a very pleasant look.


*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person