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Breast Implant

If you are considering breast augmentation, saline breast implants are a healthy and affordable option. With several advantages over silicone, including a lower price tag and smaller surgical incisions, saline implants may be the right choice for you and your desired end result. At the Aesthetic Surgery Institute, our Houston, TX specialists have over 15 years of experience performing saline breast implantations to clients of all ages, and dedicated to ensuring your well-being and overall satisfaction. Read to learn more about saline breast implants and their unique advantages, and be sure to give our office a call today at (713) 493-7397 for a free consultation!

About Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are a popular alternative to silicone breast implants for women of all ages. Unlike silicone implants, which are made out of a synthetic gummy silicone gel, saline breast implants are filled with a sterile saline solution encased in a thin silicone layer. Saline breast implants are filled with their saline solution post-implantation, allowing for an exact breast size to be achieved.

Why Saline?

There are several advantages to choosing saline breast implants over their silicone cousins. Below are a few details about why saline breast implants may be an attractive choice for you.

  • Since saline implants are filled post-implantation, they require a significantly smaller incision than silicone implants, which come pre-filled.
  • Saline implants tend to look more round than silicone implants, especially in thin women with modest breast tissue.
  • Saline implants are typically more affordable than silicone implants.
  • The minimum age for getting saline breast implants is 18; for silicone implants it is 22.
  • Should your saline implant rupture, you will know it know it fairly quickly. The sterile, saline solution will be absorbed by your body without harm, and our staff will happy to fix the rupture through a quick procedure.

Dedicated to Your Health and Satisfaction

Our board-certified specialists at the Aesthetic Surgery Institute have over 15 years of experience performing saline breast implantations on clients of all ages. We sit down with you to determine your exact specifications for your ideal end result, and then work diligently to achieve that result. Our surgical center is on site, and, for your added convenience, we offer free consultations to help you make an informed decision about your procedure. We also offer no-interest financing to make your procedure as affordable as possible.

To set up a consultation for your saline breast implants, contact our office at (713) 493-7397 today!
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