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Areola and Nipple Reduction Procedures

For some women, uneven or overly large areolas and protruding nipples can limit clothing choices and lessen confidence in the appearance of their breasts. Dr. Do at the Aesthetic Surgery Institute has the experience and skill to correct these minor concerns. Our goal is to help  you look and feel your best in any outfit or situation.

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What Is Nipple Reduction Surgery?

Sometimes, the nipples become oversized or the areolas enlarge and become oval shaped. This can happen due to genetic factors, breast feeding, or skin stretching. While these natural changes in breast appearance are not harmful, many women prefer to have their nipples and areolas made smaller and more symmetrical to reduce visibility through sheer or silky outfits, and for a younger more pleasing appearance.

A nipple reduction procedure reduces the size of the nipples and/or the dark skin (areola) around them. If the darker skin is reduced, the nipple reduction technically includes an areola reduction. However, areola reduction surgery can also be performed on its own.

What Is the Process for Nipple and Areola Reduction Surgery?

The process of areola reduction is actually quite simple. The procedure takes 1-2 hours and is not especially invasive, so you may even be able to return to work a few days after surgery with pain medication and a surgical bra, if your surgeon says it is appropriate.

To achieve the look of a smaller, nicely shaped areola, the surgeon will remove a portion of excess skin to create a smaller surface area. A small wedge of nipple tissue might be removed to create a rounder, smaller nipple while leaving the milk ducts intact.

During areola reduction surgery recovery, you should rest and engage in only light activities for the first week or so, as your doctor recommends. After an areola reduction, you’ll need to follow care instructions while your dissolvable stitches disappear. You’ll also need to have a follow-up visit to ensure that the healing process is going as expected.

Can You Have a Nipple Reduction?

You may have an areola or nipple reduction following a breast lift or breast augmentation. Breast reduction or reshaping is often performed along with areola surgery, for example. If it’s combined with other procedures, recovery may take slightly longer but the cost may be less than if they were done separately.

Ideal candidates are women in good health who do not have any conditions that may increase risks. In most cases, following reduction surgery, nipple sensation remains intact and breast feeding is possible for most women.1

What Is Areola Restoration?

A related non-surgical procedure is areola restoration. Rather than being strictly focused on reducing the size of the areola, this semi-permanent makeup method corrects and improves its appearance via careful tattooing. Like any other aesthetic procedure, areola restoration is performed by a professional trained in creating a natural, pleasing nipple appearance.

After breast surgery, the nipple area may heal with a slightly irregular shape or appearance. In these cases, areola restoration is combined with surgery as a finishing aesthetic touch. Once the patient’s tissue is healed enough for tattooing, they can start talking about color and expectations for restoration.

Achieve Beautiful, Symmetrical Results With Areola Reduction in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for a trusted, experienced surgeon to perform an areola reduction, areola restoration or nipple reduction in Houston, look no further than Dr. Do at the Aesthetic Surgery Institute. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons provide patients from Houston and beyond with a variety of cosmetic procedures in a safe, professional hospital environment. With more than 15 years of experience, our staff knows how to make your experience easy, enjoyable, and highly rewarding.

Let us help you create a natural, beautiful look you can feel confident about. Call us today at (713) 493-7397 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person