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Labia Majora Fat Transfer

A labia fat transfer procedure improves the outward appearance of the genitals and restores the volume of natural fat that can be lost over time. Many women choose this procedure as part of vaginal rejuvenation to improve the feel and fit of clothing and their confidence about their appearance.

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What Is a Labia Fat Transfer or Labial Puff Procedure?

After pregnancy or over time, the labia majora (outer vaginal lips) lose volume and become looser. This can allow sagging or spreading which causes irritation and dryness of the tissues. It also affects the appearance of the genital area as a visible sign of aging.

A labia majora fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure to restore volume and firmness to the outer vaginal lips. By using the body’s own healthy fat to puff or plump up the labia majora, Dr. Do can add volume with this simple and long-lasting procedure. Labia fat injections are often combined with other procedures such as a labia majora reduction to remove any excess tissue and enhance the youthful appearance of the vaginal area.

What Are the Benefits of Labia Augmentation?

Most often, women choose a fat transfer for labia augmentation to enjoy:

  • A plump and full appearance of the outer vaginal lips
  • Instant results that are long lasting
  • Improved sexual confidence and self-esteem
  • Relief from dryness, irritation, or chafing
  • Feeling more comfortable in form-fitting or tight clothing
  • A short recovery time with minimal discomfort

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Labia Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer to the labia majora procedure is recommended for young women who want to enhance a curvy torso and enjoy a fuller labia majora and pubic mound that blends well into the upper thigh area. It is also a great choice for women who want to rejuvenate or restore volume and appearance after pregnancy or as they age.

Good candidates for this procedure are:

  • Non-smoking women near their goal body weight
  • Have sufficient healthy fat deposits available for liposuction
  • Not on blood thinners and without any medical contraindications to the procedure
  • Not currently pregnant and have not recently given birth

For patients who do not have enough of their own body fat available for fat grafting to the labia majora, Dr. Do may advise using dermal fillers as an alternative. This method is also safe and effective, although it may not last as long as labia augmentation with fat transfer.

Understanding the Labia Majora Fat Transfer Procedure

You should expect to be awake and comfortable during this simple procedure. In most cases, you will be able to drive yourself to and from the appointment if you wish. Depending on whether you are having a labia fat transfer as part of a full vaginal rejuvenation or in combination with other procedures, Dr. Do and his team will give you detailed guidance specific to your procedure.

For a simple labial puffing, the process will involve:

  • Liposuction is used to harvest healthy fat to transfer to the labia majora.
  • This fat (or dermal filler substitute) is then inserted into the outer vaginal lips.
  • By carefully adding volume where needed, the desired shape and fullness are achieved.
  • The outpatient procedure will take approximately one hour to complete.
  • The results will be immediately visible.

What Should I Expect During Recovery from a Labia Puff?

After having a fat transfer to the labia majora, you should expect only mild swelling and redness, which should go away within one to two weeks after the procedure. If your labia puff was combined with a labia majora reduction, clitoral hood reduction, or another vaginal rejuvenation procedure, you may have a longer recovery time, but in general this area of the body has excellent circulation and heals quickly.

  • You may return to non-physical work in 72 hours.
  • You should avoid sexual intercourse for at least one week.
  • Return to normal activities in one to two weeks.
  • Avoid soaking in bathtubs, pools, or hot tubs for three to four weeks.
  • Put off vigorous exercise and strenuous activities for four to six weeks.

Discuss Your Options in a Private Consultation

You can learn more about vaginal rejuvenation procedures and find out if a labia fat transfer is in line with your personal goals in a free in-person or virtual consultation with our caring team at the Aesthetic Surgery Institute. Dr. Do is a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has successfully performed thousands of cosmetic procedures for our Houston patients.

Visit with us and discuss all your questions in a compassionate and confidential consultation where you can learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and gain the confidence and comfort you need and deserve. Contact us today to schedule and let us work together toward reaching your aesthetic goals.

FAQs About Labia Augmentation

How long will the results of a labia majora fat transfer last?

Fat transfers to the labia majora can last for many years. Increasing the volume using dermal fillers will not last as long as a fat grafting procedure and may need annual touchups. If needed, you can safely have this procedure done again as you age or after pregnancy.

How much does labia enhancement cost?

The cost of this procedure will vary depending on how much augmentation is needed and whether it is included with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. As a very general estimate, a labia puff ranges between $3500 to $6000. You will receive an accurate estimate after your consultation, and financing is available. Insurance does not generally cover this procedure.

Will I have scars after this procedure?

You should have little to no scarring from the liposuction and the labia majora fat transfer procedure. The tiny incisions are placed in inconspicuous areas and are typically small enough to be closed with a single stitch.

What are the risks of fat transfer to the labia majora?

The risks associated with this procedure are very small. Because your own fat is used, there is little risk of rejection. As with all procedures of this type, there is a slight risk of infection. Choosing an experienced and respected cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Do is a key factor in avoiding complications and having a natural and beautiful-looking result.

Is this procedure only for women of certain ages?

No, women of all ages might choose this procedure to improve the volume and fullness of their outer vaginal area. Due to genetics, drastic weight loss, or personal preference, many young women are interested in a labia puff procedure. It is also a great solution for women as they age and naturally lose fat deposits and fullness in this area.

How soon after childbirth can I schedule this procedure?

You can schedule a labia fat transfer procedure about six months after childbirth. Waiting allows your body to fully recover. You can also become pregnant after a labia fat transfer, although this may alter your results, and you may need to have another procedure to restore the shape and size of your labia.

Can I have other procedures done at the same time as a labia majora fat transfer?

Yes, you can have this procedure done along with a labiaplasty or labial reduction, liposuction, or most other vaginal rejuvenation options we offer. You may even choose a full mommy makeover with a breast lift and tummy tuck. Our consultants will help you decide the right order and combinations to achieve the best results with multiple procedures.

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