Scalp Micropigmentation

Semi-Permanent Make-Up & Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss is a challenging condition for men and women alike, since a full head of hair is associated with beauty and virility. As you experience hair loss, you might feel your self-confidence waiver, but you do not have to live with the look of thinning hair or bald spots. At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we provide a safe and simple alternative to surgical hair restoration treatments with scalp micropigmentation in Houston. Through micropigmentation, you can pull off the shaved look with confidence or create the visual illusion of a fuller head of hair in areas where you are struggling with thinning rather than full baldness. Our team of surgeons and aestheticians will ensure that the final result of your treatment looks natural and healthy, so no one will know that you are dealing with the common problem of male pattern baldness.

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How does scalp micropigmentation work?

Micropigmentation involves more than simply coloring in areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. With scalp micropigmentation, pigments are carefully applied to create the look of a follicle growing through the scalp. Typically, patients will have 2-3 treatment sessions, which can take some time to ensure the accurate placement of pigments across the scalp. If you have longer hair, you can expect longer treatment sessions than with bald or shaved areas.

What are the advantages of micropigmentation?

There are a variety of hair restoration procedures to choose from, including hair transplants and chemical solutions. Micropigmentation is a great alternative to these treatments, because it offers consistent and reliable results with the following distinctive benefits:

  • Non-invasive procedure. Unlike hair transplants, which require long incisions or puncture wounds across the scalp, micropigmentation is non-invasive. It does not carry the potential side effects of hair loss medications, and it requires no anesthesia or downtime.
  • Affordable treatment. Because micropigmentation is much simpler than other restoration options and has a low risk of complications, it comes at a much more affordable cost.
  • Exceptional aesthetics. In areas that are completely bald, this treatment will offer the illusion of a shaved look, so you can maintain an even appearance across the scalp by matching areas where the natural hair still grows and produces a follicle. If you have thinning hair, micropigmentation can create the illusion of more volumous, full hair. Both options are natural-looking and tailored to the unique pattern of your hair line.

To schedule a consultation where you can find out if scalp micropigmentation is right for you, call Aesthetic Surgery Institute at (713) 493-7397. We can help you look and feel your best with a full, natural-looking head of hair.

When will i
see the results?

You can expect great results if you have realistic expectations from Rhinoplasty. Final results of nose reshaping cosmetic surgery may not be apparent until 6 months to a year after the surgery.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person