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Brow Microblading & Ombre Shading

Eyebrows are perhaps among the most important facial features, because they express emotions and accentuate the beauty of the eyes while complementing the bone structure of the face. If you are unhappy with the look of your brows because of alopecia or over-plucking—which can each lead to thin and wispy brows—you might turn to microblading as a semi-permanent solution to restore your eyebrows in Houston. At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we can help you discover the benefits of microblading, which is a great alternative to other facial tattooing and permanent makeup techniques, which cannot deliver the fine detail and natural appearance of microblading.

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What is microblading?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a technique in which a very fine blade is used manually in order to deposit color pigments into the epidermis. This method of tattooing is considered to be semi-permanent compared to the traditional hair stroke technique such as Eyebrow Embroidery and 3D Feather Hair Stroke methods which are all applications of microblading.

Why is microblading unique?

While conventional permanent makeup tattooing can be ideal for the lips and eyeliner, it does not offer the delicate approach of microblading for the eyebrows. Simply filling in thinning brows with full color tattooing can create an unnatural, bulky look that does not complement your facial features. Microblading is different, because the technique is more similar to embroidery, creating a look of real hair follicles with every section of pigment. This is important, because the brows should naturally have some space between follicles. Microblading can also save you from a strenuous morning routine of filling in the brows with makeup daily, so you may enjoy a much more low-maintenance beauty ritual.

What to expect from microblading?

Your microblading treatment can take place in one session, though you may want to schedule maintenance updates every 8-12 months, since the treatment is only semi-permanent. After the first treatment, you might have an additional appointment in about one month to ensure proper healing and complete any touch-ups. Local numbing cream can diminish the minor discomfort of microblading treatment, and there is no downtime following your procedure.

How to Design Your Brows

When you book a microblading appointment, you can expect to discuss the look you want with your aesthetician before the procedure takes place. Depending on your facial features, you might opt for a straight and bold brow or a lighter, feathered and arched eyebrow shape. Microblading is particularly effective for those with patchy or light brows, thinning brows, and eyebrows that have been poorly shaped through years of excessive plucking. Because the procedure is semi-permanent, you can also choose to change your look when you go in for your next touch-up.

To transform your look without the downtime of surgery, call Aesthetic Surgery Institute at (713) 493-7397 to book a complementary microblading consultation. Should you desire a more dramatic makeover, you might consider a surgical eyebrow lift or full facelift to restore a youthful look that is natural and beautiful.

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