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Breast Lift Surgery in
Houston Frequently Asked Questions

Time can take its toll on the shape of female breasts due to various factors like pregnancy, nursing and aging. For women who have lost the youthful shape and firmness of breasts, a procedure called Breast Lift’ surgery can lift and reshape sagging breasts.

A breast lift surgery, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that helps to raise and tighten breasts that are drooping or misshapen. Breast lifts work by removing excess skin on and around the breasts and tightening the surrounding tissue to create and reshape the desired new breast contour. Because the areolas on many women’s breasts can become enlarged over time, a breast can help reduce this occurrence as well. The end result of a properly performed mastopexy is a rejuvenated figure that is more uplifted and youthful.

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Q: Who are the ideal candidates for surgery and how is it planned?

A: Several variations of the procedures are available and the cosmetic surgeon will decide about the best technique depending on patient’s breast shape, fullness and the expected results.

Q: How is surgery performed?

A: The full breast lift is the most commonly performed method especially in middle age. Through a vertical Incision in the lower half of breast and another one around the areola, breast lift is achieved.

On the other hand, Periareolar or ‘Doughnut’ mastopexy is done on patients who have minimal sagging with relatively smaller breast and in unmarried women. This procedure involves a circular incision around the areola and removing circular strip of breast skin, allowing for breast lift and reshaping.

In some patients with significant breast volume loss, adding fullness with breast implants in the same sitting gives much better results of breast lift surgery.

Q: What type of anaesthesia is used & how much time does surgery take?

A:The surgery takes approx. 2-3 hours & is done under general anaesthesia. It can be a Daycare procedure or one-day hospital stay may be required after surgery. After surgery breasts are supported with a surgical or approved sports bra.

Q: What are the precautions and postoperative care after surgery?

A: After surgery rest is advised for 24-48 hours. Pressure garment or specialized bra is worn for 3-4 weeks. Gym exercises are avoided for 4 weeks. One must avoid sun exposure on breasts for few months and take special care of the incision sites by applying scar reducing creams and silicone gel sheet.

Q: What are the risks or complications from this surgery?

A: The bruising and swelling usually takes about 2-3 weeks to subside. Complications of this surgery would be similar to those of any invasive surgery and may include infection, hematoma and rarely loss of nipple and areolar tissues that may require reconstructive surgery later. The risk of complication can be minimized in hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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You can expect great results if you have realistic expectations from Rhinoplasty. Final results of nose reshaping cosmetic surgery may not be apparent until 6 months to a year after the surgery.


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