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Areola Reduction Cosmetic Surgery In Houston

Areola reduction is a quick procedure which removes the excess brown area from around the nipple. Areola reduction surgery can be carried out on its own under local anesthesia or as part of an overall breast reduction or breast lift. Small reductions leave an inconspicuous scar around the base of the nipple. Larger reductions can leave a scar around the edge of the areola.

This procedure is particularly effective at relieving any embarrassment related to the condition, and can commonly be completed in under an hour with no need for General Anesthetics.

Whatever your condition may be, the Aesthetic Surgery Institute can provide the leading techniques and facilities for your treatment.

After your surgery and beyond…

An areola reduction is a relatively small surgery, and is performed under local anesthesia, which means the recovery time will be quick. After the first week you will have a follow up appointment which will allow your surgeon to inspect your areola and ensure you are healing as you should be. At this point your surgeon will be able to tailor advice for your specific situation, based on your job, and exercise routines.

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